Steve Feakin aka Little Porkas

Steve Feakin aka Little Porkas

What cars do you drive at there moment?

The current stable is a 2003 996 turbo, which we have had the enjoyment of for the last 9 years. A more recent purchase needed to be air cooled and we wanted the best of both worlds. We decided on the G Series after much deliberation. The G Series for us, ticks all the right boxes. The looks, the feel, use ability, and the grin factor. In this case it was a white G50 model, that took me 4 inspections, and 18 months of searching. I am a touch meticulous you might say! The daily hack is a 200k mile Volvo estate.


Is the 996 turbo a keeper? What makes it special for you?

For me a special car yes. It's was the first 911 I ever bought and the 911 turbo was the dream, so that becoming a reality was pretty epic. It's does everything you would want, the megzer engine, the speed, the reliability, it's an everyday sports car. And it's mine. A keeper, after 9 years, I think we will have plenty more miles in her yet. Although my desire to experience more cars is growing, and way faster then any bank balance. 


What’s your most memorable road trip you did and why would you recommend it?

It would have to be SPA in 2016. This was Flat 2 and for me, being reunited with friends, and meeting new ones really resonated with me. Porsche passion, and a brotherhood that has to become something really special for most. Great people, great roads, great banter, and a whole mix of different guys. A total blast. Memories, and plenty of them. This is what the Porsche scene means to me. 


Working on a current new project?

I always have more than a few projects I'm working on. With my brain running way too fast for anything else. But using my passion, and learning new skills keeps me out of mischief. For the past 18 months on and off I have been reimagining different Porkas, as I see them. An artists impression, you might say. Once made, these are cast and then finished off for others to enjoy. Desk art, part of a collection, or just an object of desire. A way to help someone keep focusing, working hard to realise there hopes and dreams I guess. If I play a part in that, then I'm stoked. If the truth be know, I'm a simple person, desperate to help others however I can.


You’re the owner of LITTLEPORKAS, tell me what you exactly do.

It started with immortalising cars within frames. A way of bringing the garage inside, a way of being constantly being reminded of our dreams, or a focus or what yet might be. This direction has changed a bit though. Now working on limited edition models of my own.  A passion which I inherited from my Grandad, God rest his sole. He got me in to Porsche's when he he bought my first RC car, which I still have to this day. A touch outlaw'd though! Good old Crayola, and a child's mind hey!


If money was no issue, which car would you buy and why?

Wow, what a tough one. There are some many to choose from. I I'd reckon that my views have changed through out the years. The 904 and the 930 Martini Turbo hold a special place for me, but I would have to say the 959. Yeah the 959. As I'm saying it, it all makes sense. The ultimate sports car, at an age where cars, were everything. And this was the best of the best. The RC toy, my first Porsche book bought by my Dad, and hours spent reading and asking my him all them questions. Yeah the 959 for certain. Free shipping right??