Rudiger Achtruth ( Ru8)

Rudiger Achtruth ( Ru8)

1. What car do you drive at the moment?

It‘s a white 911, 2.7, Sportomatic from 09/1975, owned by me since 2003.



2. What’s your most memorable road trip you did and why would you recommend it?

There is no „most“ memorable one. Depends always on the people you spend your time with. There are some roads you will never forget like the tour in 2017 to the Black Forest or Cap Gris Nez in France. 

You can drive the best curves or going to the nicest places on earth, if you do it with the wrong people you have not the best memories so it's a waste of time. 



4. Why do you like the outlaw scene so much?

The first contact I remember was the Magnus Walker video, Urban Outlaw, really impressive . Searching for more stuff like this, I found the heckmotorsportwagen (now rooshers) videos on the internet. All these individual cars combined with the portraits of their owners implant the first ideas of changing something, nothing concrete, just know that I do not want a stock car any longer.

First personal contact with these guys was during the techno classica 2015 by invitation to the first Tunnelrun by Tom Gaedtke/Daniel Schaefer and Onassis Porsches. Was a little bit ashamed coming with my „normal“ car to this event.

And then I bought the orange cup mirror ..... you remember? (Yes I do Rü...:-))

If there is a so called „scene“ the fascination is to see the cars and their builders or owners. The people are as special as their cars. Very funny when you are at a gathering and you try to guess which car belongs the person you see. It is always to express yourself in an individual way and there is always a match.


5. You car is full of stickers….why is that?

It a compromise between owning a individual and special car and not having the money for big technical modifications or having own technical skills. After the first stickers now it is like a self running process ....

But the sticker mania itself is based on the 277 concept of Magnus.



6. If money was no issue, which car would you buy?

I am totally satisfied with mine, perhaps invest in a motor rebuild by Mattias Hoeing or doing some stuff with Onassis Porsches and Classic Boxers - I love their concept cars. 


7. What advise would you give to the new younger generation?

Respect others, do not judge if you are not asked for, stay pure ...




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