Reinhard Patzschke ( aka Putsch)

Reinhard Patzschke ( aka Putsch)

1. When was your first Porsche experience and when did you buy your first one?

My very first Porsche Experience was around 1980, when my uncle Rainer showed up with his brand new Porsche 924 in Minerva Blue (maybe the car Wesley is driving right now). Regarding the air-cooled Porsche, it was Ralf, one of my best friends and my Business Partner, who owned an amazing 911 T in Albert Blue. He continuously poisoned me in a positive way and after just 16yrs I had to own one. So I bought my first Porsche on the 10th of June, 2014 an 13:37 CET.

2. Tell us more about your current Porsche. Is it stock? An outlaw?

Depends. I own two Porsches right now. One is a fern green 911 3.0 SC Coupe from 1978. Regarding all the papers and its Porsche Certificate of Origin it is 100% stock. My second Porsche is exactly the opposite. It is a 1965 911 SWB in BMW Malaga Red. It was converted into a SCCA Racecar during the 80s/90s, adding a tuned 2.2 S engine and stuff. It still wears its Numbers Matching Doors and Hoods, but all the rest is special or different. In comparison to the SC it is an egoistic weapon trying to kill you, while the SC is a sporty and altruistic Driver who wants to be nice.


3. Which destination or road trip is still on your to-do list?

I really would like to ship my car to the US and drive some roads in California or even drive it from coast to coast one day. In addition to that I would be more than happy to drive across the Alps as much and often as possible, presenting my friends the roads I already experienced – starting in Switzerland, flying thru Italy, screaming in Austria and resting in Germany.

4. Any future projects going on?

I will continue to optimize the SWB. Which means I have to burn some fat at the rear to improve the balance. Regarding the 911 SC, I will have to think about the overall performance. And in general: maybe it's time to think about a 993 – just saying.

5. Are you driving your 911 all year round?

Come rain or shine. Yes, definitely I do. Vintage cars have to be driven – whatever the weather. But, regarding the SWB I have to admit, that when the 10 Days weather forecast is too bad I won’t go for a 10 Days Trip to Estonia. No heater, no carpets, no defroster, 50 yrs old wipers, no insulation, no lighter etc. I love my life.

6. What’s your favourite Porsche race pilot?

Oh, there are so many. I think Jürgen Barth and his father Edgar were amazing, Hans Herrmann, Stefan Bellof and of course Vic Elford – maybe he was the best Porsche Driver of all time. But – as you are from Belgium – Jacky Ickx is to mention as the best Racing Allrounder of all time – but I don’t connect him only with Porsche. Did I mention Walther Röhrl?

7. If you could win one race yourself which one would that be?

The Mille Miglia or the Targa Florio. Because open roads, only curves, Italy, good food and beautiful women.

8. Do you see yourself driving in a electric Porsche in the future?

Have you driven a BEV or PHEV vehicle recently? I do every day and it is already amazing. The power, the acceleration, the overall feeling. As our Advertising Agency is working for Porsche and we have to create and to work a lot regarding their existing e-Performace PHEV and upcoming all-electric vehicles BEV we know what will happen and we know about the facts and figures. And I am pretty sure that all the existing and future Porsche Afficionados around the world will agree on the fact, that an all electric Porsche will be the true future Sportscar.