John Benton

John Benton

1. When was your first Porsche?

My first Porsche experience was in 1979, when my cousin let me borrow is '66 912 to take a date to a school event. The Porsche was the highlight of the evening.


2. And when did you buy your first one?

I bought my first Porsche in 1984. I was a light Ivory '68 912. I still own that car today.


3. Tell us more about MEIN12. Is it a stock car?


Mein12 is a very well sorted and personalised 912. It has many modifications to his drivetrain, brakes and controls. It is beyond outlaw. It is always in a state of development. It is a moving playground that I use to explore possibilities.




4. You seem to travel a lot in Europe, what’s your favourite destination so far?

That’s a tough question to answer. I come to Europe to explore and meet the people that I have encountered via the web or when they visit the US. However, standing in Stuttgart at the Porsche museum next to Ferdinand’s first creations is very special.


5. You are the owner of BENTON Performance, tell me a little more about your shop.

Benton Performance LLC, in Anaheim California, is an independent vintage Aircooled Porsche shop. My staff is dedicated to the repair and preservation of these very special machines.

6. How do you see the future for Benton Performance?

It is my hope that the shop improves and adapts to the challenges that it will face as vintage Porsche cars enter into an era of hybrids and alternative fuels. It looks like the demand is still strong, so we will continue our quest to serve our community.

7. Are you driving your 912 all year round? Is it your daily driver?

I drive Mein12 whenever time allows. For 15 years it was my daily driver. Now it is a test bed for short wheelbase development.  I still enjoy taking it out for spirited drives and weekend gatherings. After all these years.... I am still in love with Mein12.